Sensory Studies

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Sensory Studies

It is important to develop a sensory evaluation throughout the design of any new or modified food product to confirm if through an analysis, the product is liked or disliked and to determine the preferences of the target consumers.

Doing it in advance, permits us to know if a new product will be successful in the market, or else it won’t satisfy the consumer needs.

The studies with a board of tasters are crucial to identify the organileptic patterns with higher influence on the consumer preferences.



Chemicals - Biochemicals - Pharmaceuticals


Product Characterization: Identification of strengths and weaknesses of a product in comparison to the competition and other subtitute products.

Product Quality Level: Quality factor analysis of a product and its difference with other similar ones.

Decision-making Support: To know the likes and preferences of the consumer

Higher Probabilities of Success: The product testing prior to launching in the market is key to adapt it to the consumer preferences.