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REGULATORY ADVICE – Sanitary registration/ Sanitary Notification

Throughout the years, the knolwedge and experience of our team have become the key resource to manage regulatory projects in Ecuador and other Latin American countries, offering the following services:

  • Technical Advice and Representation on National and International Sanitary Registrations
  • Holding on Registrations, Licenses and Sanitary Notifications
  • Modifications and Extensions
  • Reinscription or Renovation
  • Certificates of Requirement or no Sanitary Registration
  • Certified Copies of Sanitary Registrations.
  • Certificate of Sales Notebook
  • Technical Consultancy
  • “In house” advice on Regulatory Issues
  • Legal Translations of Enabling Documents, and so on.

We have aStaff professional

Chemicals - Biochemicals - Pharmaceuticals

Kinds of products that we regularize

  • Food and Nutritional Suplements
  • Cosmetics
  • Medical Devices, Dental Products
  • Biochemical and Diagnostic Reactants
  • Medications
  • Biological Medications
  • Homeopathic Medications
  • Medicinal Use Natural Products
  • Domestic, Industrial and Public Health Pesticides
  • Domestic and Industrial Hygiene Products