Healthy Food Products

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Healthy Food Products

Day by day, the consumer becomes more conscious of his diet and health. Healthy food product development has a main goal: to contribute with an appropriate diet for people with diabetes, hipertensión, high cholesterol, obesity and more.

Substituting azoic colorants with natural choices, the usage of non caloric sweeteners, the replacement of saturated fat with a healthier version and the pursue of non animal protein sources are some of the examples of the market trends on healthy food product development.



Chemicals - Biochemicals - Pharmaceuticals

The growing number of people with allergies or lactose intolerance, has made popular the FREE products. The free gluten, free lactose, free egg or free soy formulas have a fast coverage worldwide.


Ingredients: identify ingredients which provide benefits for peoples’ health

Formulations: adapt the formulation  to the requirements of the consumer.